Haulage Insurance is one of the specialist insurance services offered by Andrew Bourne & Co.
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Because Andrew Bourne & Co have worked with haulage companies for many years, we understand the problems and frustrations that badly handled insurance can bring. We do everything we can to help you get your load to its destination on time.

There have been rising costs across the board in the transport industry, which means that any group insurance quote needs to be competitive. However, you also need a secure insurer who will pay up quickly and help you to make the deliveries that you need to make. Delayed authorisation of payment and unnecessary beaurocracy can slow down deliveries and be costly to your business.

Our policies don’t force your drivers to undertake training because we know that the real cost is taking your driver away from doing their job. However, we do offer lots of different approaches to training where there might be added value.

Working closely with you, Andrew Bourne & Co can analyse your claims statistics to help you identify areas where claims can be reduced.

As well as rising costs, there are also increasing levels of red tape from Europe. We work with our clients to deliver practical solutions - not problems. In fact, we can submit all of your vehicle details to the Motor Insurance Database for you as part of our standard haulage insurance service.

Other advantages include:

haulage insurance
  • Your own experienced and dedicated claims handlers to deal with all claims – no processes are outsourced.
  • Hands on approach - direct contact with engineers and your insurers to ensure minimal vehicle downtime when the vehicle is off the road. Repairs can also be agreed with local garages.
  • Fleet claims management - a proactive approach, working closely with you to manage your claims experience, reducing claims frequency and ultimately premium costs.
  • Regular reporting - reports are provided on a quarterly basis, designed to track up to date claims performance and identify problem trends.
  • Post loss assistance - cameras and accident report cards are provided at no extra charge. This enables drivers to gather information at the scene, and if appropriate, can be used to defend your position in a non-fault claim.