Property Owners Insurance is one of the specialist insurance services offered by Andrew Bourne & Co.
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As a property owner or manager, you are faced with a variety of possible insurance risks, from structural problems with the property, to disputes with tenants.

The value of the property and potential income you may be expecting from it warrants thorough and flexible insurance protection.

Like many other businesses, there are specialist policies to suit all property types and owner needs, which as experts in property owners insurance, we can help you to arrange.

We can offer tailor made solutions ranging from individual properties to large multinational portfolios. In addition, we look to work with owners and agents providing key risk management support, aiding businesses with their legal requirements as well as ultimately improving the risk exposure - and therefore reducing premiums in the long term.

Key considerations:

  • Rebuilding costs
  • Inflation provisions
  • Rent protection
  • Indemnity periods
  • Liabilities
  • Inspections
  • Terrorism
  • Software management
  • Claims management
  • Health & safety support
  • Risk management