SME Insurance is one of the specialist insurance services offered by Andrew Bourne & Co.
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According to the Department of Trade and Industry, there are around 4 million businesses in the UK who account for around half of all UK employment.

The term SMEs (small medium enterprise) covers all types of small businesses involved in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, services and leisure. If your business falls under this broad umbrella, then there are certain types of insurance you may require by law - plus others that make strong financial sense to consider.

In fact, it can be all too easy to end up with either more cover than you require, or the wrong type of cover - unless of course you have the right advice. Without the proper guidance, you might be faced with a bewildering array of policies as this sector is one of the most heavily targeted by insurance companies.

There are a number of policy options available, ranging from what is known as a ‘package’ which has standardised in built covers, or the more traditional ‘combined’ policy where covers are tailored to suit the specific needs of the business.

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To summarise, a key list of areas to consider are:

  • Class of business
  • Cover requirements
  • Premises
  • Security
  • Health & safety support
  • Claims management
  • Risk management